Plantain, Yarrow and Chamomile Healing Salve

Plantain, Yarrow and Chamomile Healing Salve

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Plantain, Yarrow and Chamomile Healing Salve


A small amount goes a very long way, a must for every medicine cabinet this pure natural vegan salve is soothing on insect bites, cuts and grazes, aids wound healing and itchy skin.


The benefits of plantain leaf make it one of the most useful herbs, and this lowly weed could well be viewed as a super food. There are few herbs that are better when it comes to skin and wound care, which makes plantain a powerful ingredient in skin salves.
Applied topically, Plantain is an excellent wound vulnerary with the power to stop bleeding and heal bruises, including puncture wounds, bug bites, bee, wasp, and nettle stings, boils and ulcers. When treating cuts and other open wounds, it not only staunches the bleeding, it also prevents infection by removing dirt, and as an antiseptic it disinfects the wound.
A unique trait that sets Plantain leaf apart from most other tissue- healing plants is its intense drawing ability. It draws out the poison from snake bites, animal bites, insect bites, bee stings, wasp stings and nettle stings. This same drawing action makes it highly effective in splinter removal, and in bringing blisters or spots to a head.
Finally, this versatile herb contains a compound known as allantoin – a powerful skin soothing agent that encourages cell growth. Plantain can be used to provide natural relief from sunburn, to treat acne and rosacea and to keep the skin healthy, glowing and blemish free


The benefits of Yarrow for the skin seem to be almost endless. In addition to centuries-worth of history from cultures worldwide, scientists have identified more than one hundred naturally active chemical compounds in the Yarrow plant. These offer a whole array of uses, both internally and externally. ² Here are some of the specific benefits Yarrow has been found to provide for the skin.
Acts as an antiseptic, fighting against infection-causing bacteria Tightens the skin as a natural astringent, shrinking the appearance of pores and
reducing acne
Soothes the skin with anti-inflammatory properties.
Acts as an analgesic to help with mild pain relief and irritations Helps with healing broken capillaries.
Promotes good pH levels in the skin³
Restores the skin’s moisture, making it great for fighting eczema Promotes healing of cuts and grazes on the skin while reducing scarring.


There really are a wide range of benefits of using chamomile for skin.
The mild antiseptic qualities of chamomile, combined with its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, make it ideal for treating wounds. If you’ve got open scratches or sores, then chamomile will help to ensure infection doesn’t take root. In fact, chamomile has been shown to result in complete wound healing more speedily than corticosteroids.
Treating other skin irritations: Chamomile has long been used for treating a wide range of skin concerns such as nappy rash and chicken pox irritation. Its use for wound healing goes back as far as the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.
Its always advisable to consult a doctor before using medicinal herbs if you have any underlying health problems, are pregnant or breast feeding or on blood thinners or other medication.


This healing salve also has calendula oil in 
Calendula is an incredible healer. Calendula has antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and properties and is a powerful vulnerary (wound-healing). Calendula can be used on rashes, stings, wounds, burns, sunburns, abrasions, swellings, eczema, acne, insect bits, scrapes, bruises, cold sores, and other ailments
Results : Having an immediate calming soothing effect on insect bites taking away the itch and redness within a few minutes, and not just me but all my friends who tried it had the same results!
Also Calming scalp issues, soothing minor burns, healing scar tissue.
Ingredients: 100% Natural Vegan and plant based - Jojoba oil, Plantain oil, Yarrow oil, chamomile oil, calendula oil, vitamin E oil, Candillia Was (vegan) 
Check out my blog showing how I make this salve below