Organic Rosemary conditioner 250ml

Organic Rosemary conditioner 250ml

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Organic Rosemary conditioner 250ml

Using nothing but natural ingredients this conditioner is rich and creamy with a refreshing herbal Scent of rosemary oil.

Rosemary oil has soothing properties.

As a result, there are lots of benefits to using it, including these:

  1. Promotes hair growth 

Using rosemary oil for hair growth is something that’s been widely researched. In fact, two different scientific reviews from 2010 ad 2011 cite it as a potential option for hair growth.

In addition to this, one study from 2015 found that rosemary oil found that it can help certain conditions like androgenetic alopecia.

  1. Soothes scalp

Itchy scalp driving you mad? Rosemary oil may be able to help. The same study we mentioned above also concluded that it can help to ease scalp itchiness too.

  1. Supports healthy circulation in your scalp

It’s thought that rosemary oil when massaged can create a warm feeling that can help to support healthy circulation. These effects on your circulation may also be the reason that it benefits your hair, as it allows the follicles to thrive if the blood supply was limited before.

Paraben Free

Sulphate free

Cruelty free

Vegan friendly

Thank you for using this natural product.

local collection of glass bottles and refills available 

Ingredients:Aqua,cetrimonium chloride,cetyl alcohol,brassica olefera,phenoxyethanol,Rosemary oil